What Challenges You The Most Will Pay The Most Dividends

Many of us are victims of wishful thinking, we foresee a time of reduced struggle and wish to be there. We complain and plead victim to unfortunate circumstance, but wish for success. This thought process although easy can be to our detriment. It is important to embrace one’s current situation and work towards gradually improving. Embrace the struggle and you will prosper.

There is a reason why there are hundred million dollar lottery contests and huge casinos they all tempt us with success and fortune today. Very often the truth is the opposite, people lose more than they win and tie their main sources of success to luck. Instead of believing in your hard work and decision-making process.

Embrace the struggle

The key is to embrace it all, put your full effort into everything you are involved in and create a standard of excellence for yourself. Too many times in life we shy away from challenges that we know will be a great opportunity but fail to execute on them. Often because this challenge is outside of our comfort zone. We look around to our peers and say to ourselves that we are doing okay and don’t need to challenge ourselves. Our satisfaction with being at par will be our biggest downfall.

Often these challenges can be coupled with emotional undertones of fear, anxiety, and a feeling of low self-worth. It is important to acknowledge these emotions and ensure your drive and ambition continually surpass these negative  emotions. The reality is everyone is fearful of the next step at some point their career. You just have to be the person who will persist through it all.

Focus on what you can control

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