Financial Statement Analysis For Successful Investment

One of the key components of long-term investing is finding strong companies that will have a consistent dependable growth pattern. Proper value investments can be achieved through financial statement analysis of stock(s) you are interested in investing in.

Income statement

The income statement or profit and loss statement provides details of a companies revenue and expenses. This information is important for current and future valuations.


It is important to not only see the way a company is trending (Revenue up or down) but to know why. There are a couple common causes for increased revenues.


Increases in price with proper marketing will increase revenue. Apple is famous for charging a premium price for products and selling them at large volumes. They are successful because they have exceptional marketing and create new desires for consumers. The Macbook, for example, provides minimal added functionality to comparably priced laptops but the combination of hardware and software creates an extremely desirable product. It is important to be able to evaluate qualitative factors that will be demanded by the marketplace.

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Pokémon Go A Glimpse Into The Future Of Technology

We are seeing a glimpse into the future of technology. Pokémon Go topping over 20 million downloads is viral. The game has years of fan base development but hasn’t seen positive reception like this for over a decade. I don’t believe it is the game that is so revolutionary but the technology.

Augmented reality is the backbone of the Pokémon’s success. The technology superimposes the games world into real life. So to achieve success in the game you must walk around in the physical world. The reception is astronomical and it’s not just kids playing it. The vast majority of the video game population is young boys under the age of 20. However, the average Pokémon go player is 31 years of age and 48% of the players are women, according to Forbes.

The thrill of exploration

The technology brings back the thrill of exploration, encouraging players to explore their neighborhood and city. The game brings “rewards” for exploration by finding items and different Pokémon’s. The game allows you to buy something called “lures”. Placing lures in specific locations attract Pokémon, making these sites more attractive to players. Business’ have already started to take advantage of this by purchasing lures for their locations. In hopes that some of the players will bring in sales for the Business. Dairy queen is one of the early adopters of this advertising method.

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