Sales Lessons For A Successful Life (Part 2)

My last article on sales was a hit. I know I have already learned many other valuable lessons.  Today I am delighted to be able to share some more insights into the world of sales. You can use these concepts to further your personal and professional development.


In sales, no two days are the same. Some days will feel perfect as if nothing can go wrong. You could be closing deals left, right, and center. You could be having no trouble finding great new prospects. The next day could be an absolute disaster where you wonder why you chose to do this as a job or career in the first place. Some days you deal with very easy people, other days you deal with people who are straight up rude, ignorant and hard to deal with. Every situation and every person are different. Although some objections and personal or company situations are similar, every situation is different!

Although this might sound nerve-wracking and terrible to some, I love it. Who wants to do the same thing every day and be stuck in the same old boring routine? I love to stay stimulated and engaged by always being ready for new people and different situations. It keeps me feeling fresh, enthusiastic and engaged. I never hate waking up for work in the morning because I know every day is bound to be different than the last and I will be facing new challenges and situations.


Are you stuck in an old boring routine? Are days passing you by quickly with nothing to look forward to? Are weeks blending into the same thing and time is passing you by with no significant things to remember? I am sorry if this is you because that sounds horrible. Some of you may need a reality check. If this is your current situation why are you doing this to yourself? You control your future and your destiny. You aren’t “stuck” you weren’t “played these cards”. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses. Get off your ass and change your life for the better. I promise you, you will not regret it!

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