How To Lose Weight Today

I’ll start by providing a little background on my life and how I gained some insight on true weight loss and the hundreds of fallacies out there. I grew up playing hockey at the age of three with the co-author of this blog. I played for around twelve years at a relatively high level and was constantly active. You’re probably thinking oh great the athlete is going to teach me how to lose weight, but there’s more to the story here.

My hockey days came to an end at the age of 15. I was a little over five feet and as a goalie I had practically no chance at playing at a high level anymore. Almost a year later I picked up boxing and fell in love with the sport.

I decided to compete in the amateur ranks and soon realized that weight maintenance would be a large part of doing well in the sport. I weighed 142 lbs at the time when I first decided to compete, my coach told me that my first competition would be at 132 pounds, ten below my weight at the time! I had to lose that weight in a week’s time in order to be allowed to compete. I found myself on the stationary bike for a week’s worth of training and starved myself and managed to make the weight.

I basically cut the weight by reducing water weight. I didn’t actually lose weight. I was back at my normal weight by the monday after my competition. The process I underwent is a microcosm of many people’s diet paths. Like many things, a long-term diet plan with strong principals will always be the best way to achieve your ideal weight.

I don’t believe in advocating for a specific diet but the principles I define below should be adapted into all diets.


Sugars have been hidden in our foods for decades now. Sugars are contributing to significant fat gain, lower life expectancy and increased cancer rates. This isn’t new information but we still continue to consume far too much sugar in our food.

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