Anchoring- How To Channel Your Energy For Success

Anchoring is a powerful concept I have been using in my life lately to properly channel my energy and get the best performance out of myself. For those of you who do not know about anchoring, the concept is about anchoring a certain feeling or state to a specific event or stimulus.

Not too long ago I first read about this concept, as I began to apply it I noticed powerful changes in my performance. I want to explain an example of how I used anchoring in my life and channeled the energy from it to get my best result possible.

Anchoring is a very powerful tool when you wish to be in your most resourceful state. What do I mean by your most resourceful state? Well it really depends on what you wish to anchor for. If you play soccer and that is your main focus, perhaps your most resourceful state is that one game that you scored three goals and won the match for your team. What did you do that game that was so different from the others? Could you ever do that again? Wouldn’t you want to do that again? This is where the tool of anchoring your most resourceful state becomes very powerful!

If you want to be able to go to that state again you really need to envision that experience and relive it. What did you do before the game? What did you eat? Did you have some kind of new ritual you used? Did you talk to somebody who hyped you up or got you in the zone? Did you say something to yourself, and if you did what was it? You need to think in depth of all the factors that came into play to cause this performance. If you really want to repeat that performance you need to completely relive and experience the event for a second time.

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